5 Natural remedies for erectile dysfunction

Habits and some nearby additives can help you with a more common problem than you think.

Erectile dysfunction, erroneously called impotence, is a reality more than common and treatable. Any alteration that affects the flow of blood can be a reason for erectile dysfunction.

Now that more and more this phenomenon leaves the taboo court to become a badly accepted as common, often caused by urban stress (to which most of us are exposed) has spread much more information that can help you. One of the best products to treat this disease is Bestkenko Kamagra.

Sometimes the remedies are closer than they seem, because our habits determine much the health that is enjoyed. As an example, in the case of longevity, only a quarter depends on the genetic information of each one, and the rest of the habits and the context. Therefore, the solution to many ailments is often in prevention (with habits), or once you are already suffering from a disease, it can also be improved with the formation of habits.

Bestkenko present you some natural remedies to treat erectile dysfunction that will help you highly:

Red Ginseng: A dose between 600 and 900 mg three times a day is more a great incentive according to at least seven studies that have proven the effectiveness of this species, even used as a substitute for viagra.

Enjoy a Mediterranean diet: Fruits, vegetables, pasta, olive oil, wine, peppers, legumes, etc. The range of Mediterranean food is good for cardiovascular problems, and according to some experts up to 80% of cases of erectile dysfunction are related to cardiovascular problems, and the first is actually a symptom. Also, if you strengthen your heart, it is likely that you will also strengthen your reproductive system.

Acupuncture: A study published in 2003 shows how 21% of the participants substantially increased their erections. In a previous study in 1997, up to 39% of the participants had increases.

Arginine: The correct flow of blood is very important for the sexual act, and an essential amino acid for the first thing to happen be arginine, which is found in foods such as soy, brown rice, chicken, nuts and dairy. However, it is also sold as an herbalist.

Meditate: Stress is not a good counselor for sexual desire or concentration. To meditate is very important so that you give a breath to your mind and with it to your whole organism, remember that everything is united.