7 herbs and sacred foods to boost your sexual appetite  

There is a series of little known foods and herbs that stimulate libido and the production of hormones, optimizing the balance in the body.

Having a sexual appetite is synonymous with health. If your sexual appetite is strong and receptive, then, in general terms, you are likely to have a good hormonal condition and you should buy Viagra from Kusuri Express.

Evaluating libido levels is an easy way to gauge the health and overall functioning of the body, according to Conscious Lifestyle magazine.

Eroticism is something that all human beings look for at some point; it is part of the poetry of life, and it is that intelligent game that leads to reach unusual degrees of desire.

With a generalized city life and the stress that it entails, your libido may be much forgotten. If you want to increase or balance your hormones and, therefore, your sexual appetite, you will want to do it safely and naturally.

One way is by supplying your body with raw materials based on food, to make hormones and increase performance and sexual appetite. Another way is by taking special herbs that regulate and balance the endocrine system.

Several of these herbs for sexual appetite are medicines and sacred foods.

Therefore, they should be treated with respect, and you need to know that they can have additional effects beyond increasing libido or sexual appetite.


Mucuna pruriens or velvet grain

According to the Chinese herbal tradition, this herb improves ying because it has properties that boost sexual appetite, which means that it is nutritious at the most fundamental levels for the body. It is believed that the ying is running out as we get older and through sexual activity, so plants like Mucuna, which act to replace it and improve sexual performance, are appreciated in many herbal traditions.


Shilajit is translated vaguely as “vital essence or energy”, which is similar to the Chinese or Taoist concept of ying. This substance has been used for thousands of years in India to restore the sexual performance, function and overall health of women and men, and it is a staple if you want to increase your sexual appetite.


Colostrum is the way in which nature guarantees that calves have the essential nutritional dose they need to grow into healthy adults. And to support that rapid gain in body mass, colostrum is also loaded with growth hormone, which has the final result of stimulating your sexual appetite. It will greatly replenish your hormonal system and restore youthful vigor, “fever” and similar sensations.

Tongkat ali

The tongkat ali, originally from Indonesia, is a flowering plant phenomenally rare and one of the stimulants of the most potent hormone for sex. It is one of the few natural substances that has been scientifically proven to actually increase testosterone levels, and the Tongkat ali does so in a powerful way. Many men use it as a natural herb to enhance male sexuality, and there are innumerable reports that it works phenomenally well as a natural supplement for erectile dysfunction.


Pine pollen

It is the seed that when mixed with the earth, air, sun and water can become a huge pine tree over 500 feet high. And it tends to have similar effects on the hormonal system and libido. Like the Mucuna, it is a powerful and rare herb that improves ying (that is, an herb that restores the sexual and vital essence) with aphrodisiac effects.



It is the most common herbs to strengthen sexual appetite. There are three varieties: the Siberian, which is generally used as an aphrodisiac and which some do not consider as true ginseng; the Korean or Asian ( Panax ginseng), which is used in traditional Chinese medicine and has been the subject of several studies, and the American ( Panax quinquefolius ).


Maca root

The root of maca is one of the oldest remedies for the treatment of hormonal disorders that produce a decrease in libido in women. It contains important amounts of magnesium and zinc, minerals essential for the balance of the activity of the sexual hormones.

These natural products get time to treat the sexual problem. If you want to treat it early, you can buy products from Kusuri Express.