Reasons why you can have brown tongue

A healthy tongue has a pink color, when it has a more brown color it can be for several reasons, find out why.

The tongue, as most of us know, is an area of ​​the body that is made up of muscles, covered by a membrane and in turn by the taste buds. The main function of the tongue is to allow us to express ourselves with words and when we eat something we can feel its taste and thus enjoy certain foods.

The color and texture of the tongue has been used many times to determine if everything goes well in our body or if, on the contrary, we may be suffering from some disease because when it does not have a normal color and texture , may be telling us something.

The tongue, depending on the disease is going to show one color or another. As a general rule, it shows a pink color, but we can see it white, red, yellow and even brown.



Reasons: Why you can have brown tongue

When there is brown spot on tongue or black color, it is also called the hairy tongue. This is because it has a very rough texture, giving the sensation as if it had hairs. In this case, when our longue looks brown, we do not have to worry too much. Since it is not a case of seriousness. Although if we have to take it into account to remedy it and that our tongue returns to show its original color, that is, pink.


The main reason for why our tongue can turn brown is because of the appearance of fungi on the outside of it. Although it may seem extraordinary, it is a fairly common case in today’s society, and this is especially true in people who smoke or chew tobacco.

Little hygiene

On the other hand, the brown tongue may also be warning us that we do not maintain proper hygiene in our mouth and, therefore, it becomes this color. For this, the ideal is that we use a tongue cleaner and maintain optimal oral hygiene. Using mouth rinses can also cause our tongue to turn brown, since these contain oxidizing and astringent agents that cause it.

Taking antibiotics

When we take antibiotics for a long time, our tongue can also be affected by this pathology. In this case, we should consult our doctor, but normally as soon as we stop taking said medication, the brown color of our tongue disappears.

Drink coffee

Take a high dose of coffee is also one of the reasons why our tongue may look brown. This is because the brown color of the coffee dyes it, and therefore looks like this. We must bear in mind that coffee is a substance that if taken too much can cause problems in our health, due to its high caffeine content.



Finally, one of the reasons why our language can turn brown is because we suffer from the AIDS virus. In this case, if we believe that we can suffer from this virus, it is best to go to our doctor so that he can perform the relevant tests and be able to rule out that we suffer from this serious disease.

As we have seen, in most cases, having a brown tongue is not a serious symptom, it is rather an aesthetic reason that we can make disappear with some home remedies. Use a tongue scraper, maintain proper oral hygiene with 3 daily brushes, and in the most extreme cases, going to your dentist is the only solution we can give you to have a brown tongue.