Tips for buying bath Towels

Here is an overview of the bath towels available on the market and their features that will help you choose your next set of bath towels.

Sizes of bath towels

Although there are several sizes and types of tit towels, they come in two sizes.

  1. Standard: Available in sizes ranging from 68.58cm x 132.08cm to 76.2cm x 147.32cm, the standard bath towel is large enough for you to wrap around your body. It is however smaller than a bath towel. It dries more quickly and hangs more easily on a towel rack.
  2. Bathtowel: This bath towel is larger and is available in sizes ranging from 88.9cm to 152.4cm to 152.4cm by 177.8cm. It is a luxurious choice for those who love comfort and warmth. The large bath towel is heavier when wet and fits less well to towel rails.

Fabric Towel

The type of fabric establishes the absorbency of the towel, its texture to the touch and its resistance.

  • Egyptian, Turkish and pima cotton:These popular bath towels are very absorbent, luxurious to the touch and are resistant thanks to their very long and fibrous threads.
  • Organic cotton:These quality ecological napkins are made of cotton grown without fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides.
  • Bamboo:These towels are made from synthetic fibers made of bamboo that are usually combined with cotton. These towels have a natural luster and are very absorbent since bamboo is a fast growing renewable resource that is environmentally friendly.
  • Microfiber:These bath towels are made of tiny synthetic fibers that are both smooth and durable.

Characteristics of bath towels

  • Weight:The fabric of a bath towel is measured in grams per square meter (g / m²). The towels between 300g / m² and 400g / m² are light and thin. The towels from 400g / m² to 600g / m² have a medium density and are a little more absorbent. Finally, towels between 600g / m² and 900g / m² are heavier, more absorbent, and dry more slowly.
  • Wire Construction:The construction of the yarn gives texture to the napkin to the touch. Combed cotton towels have longer, sturdy fibers and are soft to the touch. Those made of cotton terry are composed of twisted fibers that give them a smooth and luxurious texture. Finally, long looped towels are softer and wick away moisture while those with shorter curly yarn are more absorbent and denser.
  • Bath Cloak:Featuring a cozy hood, this towel is a great choice for babies and kids. It is usually offered in a range of colors and adorable patterns.
  • Color:Bath towels come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement your bathroom décor.

When choosing your bath towels, consider the texture you are looking for. And ask yourself the following question: do I prefer a thicker, denser towel or a softer towel? Also examine different types of fabrics and take a look at the construction of the yarn as well as the absorbency of the napkin. Finally, consider your bathroom decor to find the towels that will fit perfectly to your style.