Benefits of Plasma Rich in Growth Factors in Dentistry

Nowadays it is possible to enhance the capacity of the human body to heal itself. Thanks to the plasma rich in growth factors, a process of tissue regenerationand faster healing with less discomfort is achieved. This potential repairer is very present in different fields of medicine but perhaps it is more recognized in sports medicine where it is used for skin, tendon, muscle, joint, bone injuries.

 Growing Doctor Clinics defines the plasma rich in growth factors as a 100% autologous plasma enriched in platelets whose application in damaged areas allows to accelerate tissue regeneration without side effects.


The obtaining of the plasma rich in growth factors is simple, it is done in the consultation just before the surgery with implants (or another type of treatment that requires it). The process is as follows: first a quantity of blood is drawn to the patient and centrifuged. Subsequently, the plasma that has a high platelet content is removed from the sample and placed in the implant bed. Initially a clot is formed that allows the revascularization of the area and accelerates the healing process thanks to the growth factors that it possesses, which provoke in the cells the response of reproduction, mobilization and repair of the tissue in which they are found.

Therefore, we can say that the PRGF allows us to replace the damaged tissue with a new one or regenerated naturally since it is the body itself that produces it, and also faster and better quality by stimulating the healing of the area.   


This technique is increasingly used in dentistry for the BENEFITS it provides, among which are:

  • At the time of carrying out a treatment with dental implants, with the plasma we can accelerate the integration of the implant to the bone.
  • The implants moisturized with plasma have greater stability.
  • Reduces inflammation and pain. Improve the postoperative.
  • Reduces the risk of postsurgical complications.
  • Improves the health of affected tissues.

“Plasma rich in growth factors allows us to place implants in areas where previously it would have been impossible due to a lack of bone.”

HOW AND WHEN is this technique applied?

  • Oral surgery: Without doubt the field of dentistry where more benefits we get from plasma rich in growth factors is in oral surgery and implantology.
  • Dental implants: The PRGF helps us solve different and complex clinical situations. For example, it will be used to moisturize the surface of the implant and thus reduce the integration time to the bone.
  • Complex cases due to lack of bone: It will be used as a gel to recover lost bone after a tooth extraction or surgery, and can even be used to regenerate new bone in complex cases.
  • Periodontics: Within periodontics, it brings benefits in mucogingival surgery.
  • Osteonecrosis: And the latest studies on plasma rich in growth factors provide very good results in the treatment of osteonecrosis by bisphosphonates.

In conclusion, the plasma rich in growth factors is a tool that gives us great benefits in different fields of dentistry, especially in complex cases of dental implants.