Benefits of taking out health insurance

Medical insurance allows choosing a doctor, hospital and other services. Not having to go through long waiting lines and go to a specialist without referrals.

What are the costs of health insurance?

Currently, private healthcare is accessible to the majority of the insured. You just have to choose according to your economic availability and your health care needs. You can choose to insure the expenses of greater amount or to have a total or partial coverage of health expenses. You can also choose a policy only for a member of the family such as children. You should ask yourself how many times you go to the doctor and how much your monthly expense goes up. Ask yourself: Is it convenient for me to take out medical insurance? Does health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois cover my needs? What benefits do I get with private health insurance? This way you will know if it suits you or not.

Does health insurance cover my needs?

Benefits of taking out health insurance

Go to or call different insurers and see all your questions. Find out about professionals, hospitals and contracted services, where you should go for health care consultations, if they are close to your place of residence, if you have drug coverage, if you become pregnant includes the costs of childbirth and postpartum. What are the grace periods for each of the different benefits? Ask your family or friends who have private medical insurance how is your benefit, what problems they have had and if they are happy with the benefit.

Read the fine print

Insurance companies do not always offer all the information about restrictions or limitations on some benefits. It is important to take your time to read the contract or policy carefully without skipping the fine print. Because it is in the small print where there is information about the services or treatments that are excluded from the provision. The limitations are very variable from one insurer or another.

What benefits do I get with private health insurance?

Not having to wait to go to the doctor, will not have waiting lists. Not having to go through the family doctor to access a specialist. The possibility of being able to choose which doctor and in which hospital to receive health care within those arranged by your insurance on Blue Cross Blue Shield Fitbit’ partnership where you can get discounts on Fitbit products. In the case of hospitalization, have a single room with the possibility of an overnight companion. Greater speed in the application of treatments against high-risk diagnoses. If your insurance allows the possibility of making inter-consultations to obtain a second opinion. Some offer the possibility of receiving medical attention in specialized centers abroad. In case of doubt, insurers offer a telephone information service to the client.