Facial massage: An experience that you will try and want to repeat

Not only your back needs a massage from time to time to relieve tension and be in top form. The stimulation of the muscles and the skin of your face is very important so that it presents a younger and more relaxed aspect. Having a facial massage did not fit into your plans, but you may change your mind when Bromley Massage center tells you everything that this technique can do for the health and appearance of your complexion.

Clean your face twice a day, apply your moisturizing creams, do not forget to put the eye contour, exfoliate the skin a couple of times a week and from time to time you resort to a good mask. Every time you do it better and clearer, your face reflects all the care you give it. However, there is something that you still have to do and that neither cosmetic products nor cleansing gels can replace: facial massage.


Relaxing the muscles of the face, improving the circulation of the area and reducing wrinkles are the main benefits provided by facial massage. By toning and relieving the tension of the muscles of the face, the skin looks fresh and rejuvenated. Nor should we forget that massage stimulates the circulatory system and, therefore, nutrients and oxygen are better transported throughout the skin. The face ends up looking healthier, brighter and smoother.

The facial massage is centered on the face, but it reaches the neck area. Although you can do it yourself at home with your own hands, go to your beauty center or a professional masseur will be the best option, especially the first few times. The experts will know how to make the experience completely satisfactory and explain what the whole process consists of.


Finding the tension points of the muscles of the face and relaxing them by applying pressure on them is the goal. The forehead is one of the areas that accumulates more stress. You should massage from the center to the sides without squeezing too much. On the other hand, to the point that it is located between the nose and the tear ducts should also be given sufficient attention during the massage. Pressing gently and going down through the area under the lower eyelid will help prevent bags and dark circles from appearing. Finally, starting from the center of the chin and going up to the ears performing a delicate movement with the fingers will cause the circulation to flow through this area too.

Apart from providing relaxation and a better appearance, with the facial massage you can save on creams, as these are absorbed much better and are more effective if applied using this technique. Keep in mind that before starting the face must be completely clean … and enjoy!