Fibromyalgia, misunderstood pain

A 52-year-old female patient attended the Pain Unit due to a generalized pattern of muscle pain in the upper and lower limbs, also in trapezius. It is a practically generalized pain but one that is located more markedly to exploration in the muscular masses of the shoulders, buttocks, thighs and forearms.

When the patient was questioned, she reported a sensation of lack of energy that was also consumed throughout the day, alterations in sleep, appetite and intestinal rhythm. Hormigueos in both hands and sometimes erratic by the four members.  Best medication for this disease is Lyrica. However Lyrica cost is high but you can buy it from Prescription Hope at cheap price by using Lyrica coupon.

An analytical revealed alterations in the secretion of thyroid hormones, magnetic resonances and electromyograms performed showed no alterations.

The patient had previously gone to her primary care doctor, traumatologist, endocrine surgeon, gastroenterologist, rheumatologist, … the diagnosis with which she comes is fibromyalgia.

Fibromyalgia is a generalized, erratic pain pattern, which is associated with chronic fatigue in many cases, with allodynia and hyperalgesia, and symptomatic symptoms with complex alterations of circadian rhythms, sleep and abdominal viscera.

The absence of objective structural alterations has turned it into a pathology misunderstood and in many cases denied by professionals, who, finding no objectifiable organic substrate, label it psychological.

The new techniques of functional magnetic nuclear resonance have allowed to affirm that these patients have permanently active neuronal circuits that transmit pain, that is, their brain has active structures like that of those people who suffer pain derived from objective injuries.

Increasingly, we think that fibromyalgia is a central affectation picture, the system of perception, modulation, or central transmission of pain is altered and probably requires a treatment related to that central modulation.

While this is coming, patients with fibromyalgia need, like all patients, attention. Human attention, that someone listens to their sufferings. Medical attention, that the listener knows how to interpret them and frame them in the context of science and help them explain it. And finally, they need specialized help to alleviate this suffering as much as possible.

An informed patient will always evolve better; helping patients understand their pathology is one of our first obligations. We must refine the diagnosis and rule out other similar or related pathologies. As I said a very dear friend and patient of fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia does not protect you from other diseases that can be suffered concomitantly.

The treatment continues in controversy, understanding the former, moderate aerobic exercise, neuromodulators such as amitriptyline or pregabalin at low doses and sometimes some analgesic such as tramadol and of course physical measures such as local heat or massages.