How to reduce health expenses?

Everyone is trying to save money, and the means to achieve it are real. You want to follow the movement and know the good plans too? Follow our tips and tricks to reduce health expenses recommended by Prescription Hope.

Estimate your needs and expenses

In terms of guarantees and repayments first: what do you need? 
First, analyze your needs and daily care (consultations, drugs, specialists). To help you define your consumption, get all your medical records over two years (prescriptions, invoices, stops, various refunds in your bank account). Estimate the annual amount of your expenses. Second, read your contract entirely. Find the guarantees and ceilings for refunds. Discover what is useful and what is superfluous.

In terms of optical and dental posts then: what do you need? 
These positions are generally the most expensive but also the most poorly reimbursed by Social Security. The desired reimbursements in these areas are decisive in the price of your mutual , and it is therefore imperative to know your needs on this subject.

Once your expenses and needs are discerned, you can then adjust your contract to them. Compare the available offers for this new profile online to find the optimal coverage and the best value for money and you will save an average of 30% on the insurance premium for the same guarantees!

For your glasses, you will save an average of 15% of costs by calling on the partner network of your mutual, and 65% on their price by buying them on the internet, a favored operation and recently secured by the Hamon law.

Likewise for your dentures: calling on the network of professional partners of your complementary will save on average 20%.

Enjoy free services

As a social security insured over 16 years of age, you are entitled every five years to a complete and free assessment, thus supported without advance costs. With a duration of 2h30, including a blood test, a urinalysis, a control of the teeth, tests of sight and hearing as well as a clinical examination, this assessment will allow you to detect the first signs of an illness or possible concern. The results are sent directly to you and to your doctor’s office.

National screening days are also an opportunity to take stock free of charge. CPAM offers, for example, a free mammogram every two years for women over 50; as well as colorectal cancer screening tests.

Also inquire at CPAM to find out if you are a beneficiary of the complementary health assistance (ACS), which reimburses 100 € to 500 € of contributions  per year, according to your age and your income.

Reduce drug costs

Medications are increasingly poorly reimbursed by the CPAM. Check the ones that are ordered: when asking for a prescription, ask your doctor if they are well supported by Social Security. If it is not the case, ask for its credits.

During self-medication, beware of unadjusted prices (depending on regions and pharmacies, the price of some over-the-counter medications may triple). Feel free to compare the price differences of pharmacies before making your purchase (some discount pharmacies sell drugs four times cheaper than a regular pharmacy).

If you undergo a long-term treatment, you can ask several months of boxes of drugs at once: on the one hand, the price decreases according to the quantity, and on the other hand by asking boxes “big conditioning”, you avoid paying several times the € 0.50 deductible deducted from each box.