Our tips to maximize the benefits of a massage

Prepare before the session

The choice of clothes

During the session of massage, you are usually dressed in underwear, so think about choosing them accordingly. For girls it is better to avoid anything that is lace or too fragile, not worth taking your most beautiful lingerie. For men, prefer knickers or boxers and avoid too loose shorts.

Whatever your clothes, you need to keep in mind that your body will be covered with oil during the massage, that all the oil will not have penetrated your skin at the end. So avoid getting dressed with your favorite clothes on which an oil stain would have the worst effect.


Apart from if you have just opted for a relaxation of the legs, it is better not to go out of the hairdresser, to have a superb blow-dry just before, or to have spent long minutes doing a makeup of star.

Your face, your scalp, your neck are an integral part of any self-respecting massage. We spend long minutes kneading, brushing, squeezing, your skin and your hair soak up natural oils. Once you have tested, you will understand how it is not conceivable to deprive oneself of these sensations.


Be clean about yourself, no need for superfluous but respect massage practitioners like doctors. No need to always take a shower before coming, but it’s better if you sweat a lot in the previous hours.

Body odor can quickly become uncomfortable, and this will not only be harmful for the practitioner, but also for the quality of the service you will receive. If it is unpleasant for him, he will apply less and will certainly speed up his protocol to shorten the session. Result, neglecting your hygiene, you reduce the benefits of your relaxation session.

Take his time

Do not slip your massage in the middle of an overloaded schedule. To take full advantage of it, you have to take the time before, and after.

The best is to calculate your travel time to arrive with a margin, so as to be on time and even ahead. If you are in a hurry or a little late, you will put yourself in extra stress, which is the opposite of what you are looking for with a body relaxation session.

If you have a little delay, your session may be a little shorter, or it will be the reception or recovery phases after the massage that will be amputated a few minutes.

Hair removal

You have an appointment in a short time and you realize that you have some unsightly hair? Do not panic, we are not here to judge you and do not throw on your wax or your epilator at the last moment: it is better to avoid waxing just before coming to be massaged. The day before, no worries, but the same day is to prohibit. The hair removal is often irritating, generates red patches and pimples, and a massage just after would not necessarily be pleasant.

Prepare your skin

By cons, if there is a care that can be interesting to prepare your skin is the body scrub. Indeed this one will eliminate the impurities and open the pores of the skin, also the oil will penetrate more easily the epidermis and you will benefit all the more of the benefits of the used oil. Be careful however to the technique used, it is not necessary for example for a tui Na that does not require oil, or a Tahitian who already includes an hour of exfoliation.

On the massage table

Close your eyes and avoid talking

Once started, you do not have much to do in fact, just let you go and enjoy the moment. However, there are still things you can not do: talk and keep your eyes open.

It’s stupid, but impossible to let go by keeping your eyes wide open because you focus on your environment, the practitioner, you are stimulated by the light (dim), in short you are looking somewhere to control what you surround you when it’s the exact opposite you came to do: give up.

Closing the eyes is the basis, but it is not enough. The massage is not an aesthetic care, it is not a moment to exchange gossip or to discuss. If you have things to say, it’s before and / or after, but not during.

Relax and focus on feeling

This moment must be for you, the worries, the work, the family, the daily, all that remains at the door of the cocooning room. Forget what you did before or what you have to do next. Breathe slowly and concentrate on the sensations you get from the massage. By focusing on movements and feelings, you will necessarily put aside ideas that could interfere with your session.