The most important tips to increase your intellectual abilities

Here are few important tips to increase your IQ level and you can measure it through international IQ test.

1 – Meditation

Through meditation, our stress management improves and our concentration decreases less rapidly.

2 – The game

Train your brain by participating in memory games or filling Sudoku for example (minimum 20 minutes per day are recommended). Vary the pleasures in terms of memory games and observation. This helps to recognize logical interactions. Moreover, these brain games are good for self-confidence.

3 – Draw

By making drawings during a presentation, our ability to integrate information would increase by as much as 29%. Plus, it helps a lot to relax and de-stress.

4 – The sport

By playing sports, one gets a higher oxygen level in the blood, which stimulates the activity of the muscles and the brain. These effects are especially noticeable in older people.

5 – Regular reading

You can regularly read books that will enrich your general knowledge. Instead of watching television for example, this will maintain and enrich your useful knowledge. There are lots of books that will teach you new things for example about personal development, learning a particular skill in areas like science, finance, cultures and foreign languages. If you already replace one hour of television a day, you will earn 7 hours a week and 30 hours a month! It’s huge the knowledge you can discover!

6 – Learning foreign languages

To be content with a single language is to restrict one’s vision of the world. Open to other cultures is very rewarding. Making the investment of this learning and its practice is very interesting to “beef up” your brain. Follow and participate in a conversation, watch series or films in the original version, read books in the language learned, as many exercises to effectively maintain the capabilities of your brain. And then you can get some satisfaction and a lot of pride!


Is there an age to improve one’s IQ?

Can we become smarter at any time of life? There is no age to learn, and therefore no age to start increasing one’s IQ and intelligence. We must simply keep this curiosity, the desire to learn, the keen eye. To be above average, just stay curious and avoid comparing yourself to others, it should not guide the existence.


Why should we continue to learn after school?

The school does not train us to learn by ourselves once the school years are over. And yet, it is more than necessary in the 21st century given the increasingly rapid evolution of our society and technologies. We can no longer afford to stay on the side of the road!