Tips to find the ideal Dentist

Health is one of the most sensitive issues worldwide, therefore, finding the best dentist is a concern among patients, a professional that adapts to your real needs, that takes care of your health and your pocket. Continue reading to find the ideal dentist for you and your family.


When we look for a dentist, immediate recommendations come from co-workers, friends, relatives, neighbors and even other doctors; as well we find dentists on the Internet, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, as well as networks of insurers or chains of dental clinics, all this generates more confusion, to solve this problem, review the following points:

Website: Use the technology in your favor before attending consultation visit the website of the clinic or dentist, find out what your mission is, look at photos, see the content that exposes, who make up your team of professionals and review the opinions of other patients, we spent all day glued to the cell phone but the last thing we think is to open google and know how is the site where we will go for our attention

Time and location: This is an issue that almost always leave aside but perhaps the most important, make sure the dentist has schedules compatible to yours inquiry and be able to schedule appointments in emergencies Why?, are moments where we need help and if a person is very busy and with buts it may interfere with your oral health, also see if you are willing and is open to all the concerns you have in terms of prevention, treatment and boarding.

Specialties: Make sure that you are a professional with, title and certificate of Dental Surgeon, Dentist, Stomatologist or similar denominations assigned to you by the Universities according to your plan of studies.

Easy access and comfortable space: Choose a dentist who is close to your home or work according to your schedule availability; do not complicate your life by traveling hours to get to the office, because at the time of an emergency this would be against you, also note that there is comfortable furniture, reading materials, children’s area, computer spaces and a cozy design.

It seems silly to look at those details; but being outside in the waiting room with nerves a thousand this makes the difference, on the other hand imagines that if the professional takes care of these details more will do when applying a treatment.

Office: Even if it sounds irrelevant, observe in detail how the dentist’s office is. Is it clean? Ordained? Noisy? If the professional does not care about the space imagine what he will do with your teeth, is alert to these signals so you know whether to stay or run out of the place.

Update: Look in the waiting room or inside the office for records of attendance at courses, congresses, diplomas, meetings and professional events and even more if this Certificate, because an updated dentist is the best option for you and your family, you will have the certainty that knows the most modern treatments and the best materials for your attention.

Technology at the forefront: It is important that the clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, a good dentist has at hand modern tools that adapt to their work to generate better results. Always look for a person who stays up-to-date with equipment, instruments and modern 21st century dental materials such as teeth whitening, orthodontics , dental implants , porcelain veneers and offering a variety of treatments,

Good deal: Observe how he treats other patients and their collaborators because surely that will treat you, see if you are friendly and respectful, if you make jokes or jokes, whether serious or quiet. At the time of your attention, see if see you options for your treatment or decide what he thinks is best for you, look around and ask yourself if you want to be treated , if not better look for someone else who is more suitable for the way you are.

Ask everything you want: If you want to clarify your doubts simply ask about schedules, exact address, preventive methods, professional titles and even the type of anesthesia they use, plus something very important is to know the payment methods, if you dental insurance covers the entire fee, information on rates and discounts.